Hotel Märthof, Basel

facts and figures


Bâle Hotels / Coop Immobilien

property type

4* superior boutique hotel

total volume FF&E

CHF 2 million


100-seater restaurant
Rooftop terrace and urban spa

number of rooms

68 rooms


Burckhardt Partner Architekten

interior designer

Iria Degen Interiors (hotel and spa)
Nader Interior (restaurant)





sprint to success

The his­tor­ic build­ing on the mar­ket square in Basel has been com­pletely ren­ov­ated and con­ver­ted into a hotel. On be­half of the op­er­at­or, we were com­mis­sioned to pro­cure the in­teri­or fix­tures and fit­tings for the 68-room hotel. With over­all re­spons­ib­il­ity for fur­nish­ing and equip­ping the hotel, we were in charge of everything from lo­gist­ics and co­ordin­a­tion to the cor­rect place­ment of each in­di­vidu­al fix­ture, fit­ting and piece of fur­niture. Given the scale and the con­di­tions on the ground, this was a par­tic­u­larly tricky task. We man­aged it with ease. When things get tricky, we ramp up to peak per­form­ance – and make the im­possible pos­sible. Be­cause we can. Be­cause we love what we do.

  • Risk potential
  • Project optimization
  • FF&E procurement
  • Project support

the biggest challenge

Construction work was experiencing delays when the furniture was delivered. That meant that the furniture was put in place, removed and moved around again and again, as the work in the room had to be completed. The result: the furniture had to be put in the right place as many as three times. In our role as a procurement operator, when it comes to developing particularly creative interior design ideas, we’re also happy to lend a hand ourselves.

no project without hiccups

You only realize just how important a hotel elevator is when you have to fit out the hotel. This realization is even clearer when time is pressing. And you have to fight for your place in the elevator (after waiting 15 minutes!) because all kinds of craftsmen with the exact same problem need to use it. Getting the job done at all costs. Hallelujah!

Fun Fact

2,500 positions in 3 color schemes

+ 1 restaurant plan by two interior designers
from > 75 suppliers from all over the world
procured and installed in the hotel