Cascada Boutique Hotel, Lucerne

facts and figures


Hotel Cascada AG

Property type

Boutique hotel

Total volume

In development

Number of rooms

74 rooms

Interior design

Interior Design Competition in 2024




In progress, planned completion in 2025

Fun facts

Hospitality vs. risk and damage assessment? When the hotel is owned by an insurance company, the partner has to be a real expert.

a name, a statement

The hotel res­taur­ant BOLERO has been home to the city’s best paella for 10 years. But it was­n’t the sig­na­ture dish that brought us here – it was the am­bi­tion. In the se­lec­tion pro­cess, we suc­cess­fully held our own against two com­pet­it­ors. Olé! But back to busi­ness. Our as­sign­ment, stage 1: renov­at­ing the rooms. We will look not just at the rooms, but at the big­ger pic­ture, and use pre­cise ana­lys­is to de­vel­op an equally pre­cise spa­tial concept. One of a kind. Cre­at­ing a unique iden­tity. A hotel with per­son­al­ity that in­ter­na­tion­al guests are sure to re­mem­ber. We can’t wait for the next stage!

  • Repurposing potential
  • Development strategy
  • Vision and strategy
  • Spatial concept
  • Interior design competition

the biggest challenge

A successful establishment with a strong identity and an experienced, committed team. We’re on it! In a setting like this, we approach changes with sensitivity and precision, adding fresh touches while preserving the establishment’s history. This requires strong consultation skills and smart thinking from specialists.