we challenge the way things work

When it comes to our ethos, we love slow food and fast thinking. And coffee – but make it hot, please. We don’t want it cold, old and stale, like a lack of hospitality or a bland project that isn’t working. We strive for change, we want the bold and the brand-new, and we aim to bring the wow factor to your passion project. Fresh and hot. Unique, too. That’s what service from Labro is all about.

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we embrace change

Problems? Tasks to tackle. Difficulties? Lessons to be learned. New technologies? Opportunities to be grasped. We tackle complex issues and tricky tasks. And we find solutions. Analytical, pragmatic, even unconventional. Because we love to turn our customers’ beautiful places and spaces into their very own success stories.

Freedom & curiosity

we work independently

Only those who are free of structures and constraints can think freely too. This is how we devise, experiment and discard new approaches. Tenacious and resourceful, we stick to the ones with the real potential. Because it can always be a little better – that’s what we believe. That’s what hospitality needs.


we create potential

A team that gets to work. With dedication and background expertise. That’s what we look for and encourage in our partnerships too. A creative go-with-the-flow attitude, seeking and finding inspiration in teamwork. This opens up space for ideas and visions. This is the power behind our projects.


we focus on purpose

Quality means security. Security builds trust. We deliver just that, including in implementation. As construction professionals, we know what it takes. Strong partners, a fiercely motivated team and a generous helping of tenacity to meet the standards we set – only the very best.